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School Vending Machines Are Making Students Obese

Let's face it, kids in America are fat. In fact, nearly 30% of them are obese! What is causing this obesity epidemic? Where does the blame lie? It's hardly fair to blame the kids themselves; they are too young to make smart food choices when their parents aren't around. And what about when their parents are around? What are you teaching your children about healthy eating habits? You may do the best you can at home and serve a well-rounded, properly portioned meal at dinner time but kids spend most of their days at school where you have no control over what they eat and how much they eat. We all know school lunches are not the healthiest meals in the world. Processed meals featuring frozen meat and starches lack the essential fruits, veggies and whole grains that kids need to maintain a proper body weight. Where else to kids get food at school? The dreaded school are taking your kids' money and making them fat.

The Effects of Eating Junk Food at School

There are many reasons kids don't need to eat junk food at school. Not only does it affect their physical health, it affects their mental health as well. Eating a bunch of empty calories and processed junk does not fill you up and it zaps your energy. Kids are not getting any "value" from this type of food. It does not fuel their bodies or give them energy to perform throughout the day. They'll have a sugar rush followed quickly by a sugar crash which leaves them wanting another sugar "high" and the vicious cycle continues. Same goes for salty carb-loaded snacks. Carbs just turn to sugar and have the same effect on a kid's metabolism. A junk food diet will also cause kids to lose focus, feel sluggish and perform poorly in class and on tests. Blood circulation can even slow down if you eat too much junk food and fat gets in the way of blood flow. Brain capacity can also be compromised as a steady diet of junk food will cause a lack of oxygen, nutrients and proteins to your brain. Further effects include heart disease and high cholesterol. As you can imagine, having these health issues as a young child can have a major impact on a kid's life long-term. It's much harder to correct these health problems than it is to just avoid them in the first place. Fat kids turn into fat adults which is why over 25% of Americans are obese. Learning proper eating habits as children will help these kids maintain a healthy weight and body fat percentage as they grow older. School vending machines do NOT help kids make healthy eating choices.

Why Do Schools Have Vending Machines?

It seems so obvious that if you remove the vending machines in schools, kids will eat better. It's not that simple, unfortunately. Our schools are terribly underfunded and vending machines offer them a profit stream that they need for their operational budgets. Schools do receive money from the government under the National School Lunch Program which feeds more than 30 million kids each day in over 101,000 schools. But it's simply not enough. One dollar per student is not enough to provide them with a healthy meal. So schools supplement cafeteria offerings by adding vending machines as another food option for students. The profit margins of vending machines are huge because the mark-up is so high. And students will visit the vending machines again and again because of the addictive power sugar and carbs have on the body.

Changes In Store For School Vending

There is a light at the end of the junk food tunnel. Legislation is up for vote that could mark the end of the school vending machine era. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will give more money to schools and will allow the Secretary of Agriculture to establish nutritional standards for schools. Parents and schools can also play a huge role in the eating habits of our kids. Schools can voluntarily remove junk food vending machines and/or replace them with healthy vending machines that offer kids nutritional choices that will fill them up and help them focus throughout the day. Parents, the real change needs to come from you. Start with the way you eat. Kids see what you eat and they are more likely to listen to your nutrition advice if you are eating healthy foods yourself. You can't eat pizza and expect your kids to eat salad. Get your kids involved in cooking healthy meals. The more invested they are in the process, the more likely they are to eat something they are not usually fond of. Perhaps most importantly, parents need to put pressure on their kids' schools to make the necessary changes. Most school administrators will just let the vending machines stay put if they are not encouraged to remove them. If you take a stand for your kids' health, schools will be forced to make a change.

We all know that change must occur to help our kids get back on track. They are simply too fat and the fault lies with schools and parents. Vending machines are the major culprit, however, as they continue to supply our kids with junk food that compromises their health and their ability to learn. Change needs to come from both parents and schools in order to remove these machines and improve the chances our kids have in life. Their success in school, college, their professional lives, and their health depends on it.

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SEO Services

An official website is like a mirror which reflects a lot about the values and cultures an organisation follows. It is a reflection of the company and its brand to a user who is new to its name.

Online exposure has become vital in modern day business. With more and more people turning to the internet for all their professional and personal needs, companies have begun to recognize it as a viable platform for publicity and sales.

There may be a few impediments in this regard for the companies. They have to be armed with sites that are not only made attractively and with complete information, but are also performers when it comes to search engine results.

Studies have clearly indicated that a website that even features outside the first five on the first page of the search engine result has lesser chance of visibility among web users. This makes it all the more essential that companies take the assistance of professional SEO services and SEO consultants who will be able to guide them with a proper launch of their company websites.

Importance of Professional

There are several ways that a professional SEO services firm can be of help and assistance for a website.

Link Building Services - The task of link building is an important one. This alone ensures effective exposure and good search engine rating for your websites. This is also an easy way to pull better and productive traffic to your site. However, the task of link building and its submission is a tough task if done manually. SEO firms have tools and techniques that they employ in doing it easily and swiftly.

Keywords Generation Services - Keywords are vital when it comes to search engine rankings. Professional SEO services provide related and viable list of keywords for your website that will enable a better search engine ranking and visibility among users. SEO firms also have tools that enable a complete analysis and assessment of all the keywords.

Article Submission Services - There are several blogging websites that accept article submissions. SEO consultants can assist in article submission services that will submit articles on behalf of your site and lead to the main web page after a point in the article.

Content Management Services - The standard and accuracy of the website content is crucial for its success. SEO services firms will have to check content for plagiarism, accuracy, succinct language and clarity of explanation. It is also vital that the content of a website is occasionally refreshed with newer inputs so as to make for interesting reading as well as provide a newer perspective.

These are some of the aspects that are important for the success of a website when it comes to matters of search engine optimization and enhanced visibilities. Merely the construction of a well designed website may not be enough for a company as long as the same is not viewed and appreciated by the clients and patrons on the internet.

Effective business results too will be indicative of the success of professional SEO services.

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link exchange

link exchange.

Starting a business online can be very frustrating. First you have a wonderful idea, mine was the Baby Zen and Twin Zen meditation CD for pregnant women, with an emphasis on high-risk pregnancies and twin pregnancy. You work really hard and long hours creating a great product that people will love, and then spending months putting together a nice looking website. The site is finished, your product is finished and everything is ready to go. Finally, you publish your site and you're so very proud. Then what? Well, s are the first step to driving traffic to your website. The problem is, there are so many companies and websites out there that promise to put their links on your site, but the catch is that you have to put their link on your site first and they will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Guess what? There's a lot of unethical behavior out there! I spent days putting only very relevant related baby sites and pregnancy sites on my website only to find that people out there really only want to get something for nothing and they just don't respond, leaving you hanging. What a horrible way to do business!

My suggestion to all you newbies with brand new sites out there is create an "Exchange Links" page on your website so that other people can find your site that may be relevant to their site. Create a Link title and explanation of your site, or create an html code for an advertisement you would like added to their site first. Have them add your link to their site with an explanation of where your link is on their website, and have them give you their link title and URL, and then let them know you will respond back within 24 to 48 hours. But unlike many, many sites and companies out there, be ethical, no matter how small and new the link exchange requester may be, give that person the courtesy of an e-mail response back, whether you decide to exchange links with that website or not, at least let them know where they stand in a diplomatic and courteous way. Just because a company is new and trying to get their start doesn't mean bigger and longer-branded websites should treat the little guy with no courtesy at all. After all, we should maintain ethical business practices no matter how big or small a company might be.

We are all connected in this world to help each other, and if everyone in business would look to each other for a helping hand and use courteous business tactics, I believe our economy in America would be a lot better. So lend a helping hand to your fellow Internet business, be courteous and all can strive. There are no limits to what the universe can supply to us. We, however, limit ourselves by limiting others.

So for you newbies out there, take my advice on the links exchange page; and remember, after becoming successful, remember the little guy and that you too were once that little guy, and lend that helping hand.

link exchange

Relationships: dating sites and servises for singles

Herpes Dating Advice

Herpes, a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease will get in the way of your dating and love life if you let it.

For example, if you try and talk about it with a new love or dating interest, there is a very good chance you'll be rejected as someone he or she would like to start a relationship with.

Tread slowly with someone new if you don't feel comfortable discussing it and don't become intimate until you do feel comfortable.

On one hand, you really can't blame a potential match for rejecting you. After all, you have an infectious sexually transmitted disease. And they will always doubt your decision making process no matter what they say. So why bother?

On the other hand, wouldn't it make more sense to meet potential love or dating interests who have herpes already? Why go through the guilt, shame and rejection with non-herpes people when thousands of people in your own area who have herpes are available and share your outlook on dating?

Dating people with herpes takes the issue off the table and you both can concentrate on getting to know each other better and planting the seeds for a wonderful long term partnership.

If you do decide to date a non-herpes person, be responsible and protect her or him from contracting this annoying life style changing disease.

You should be honest and out yourself as a person with herpes. You'll feel better and he or she will appreciate and respect you. Hopefully they won't dump you and you'll be able to start building a stable relationship.

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website templates

Are you building your first website? Maybe you have a new product? Need mini site graphics? This is a situation many people find themselves in. However, we have to make a decision. Do we want to build these ourselves? Hire someone? Find an alternative?

Sometimes when we are building a website our budget determines how we approach the situation. Often times this means we must do most of the work ourselves or as cheaply as possible. So if you are like most people these days you are on a budget. Don't worry, you have an alternative to pricey designers. That alternative is using website templates.

You may be wondering what exactly are? These templates are simply pre-made graphics that can be altered for your personal use. Some website templates are so unique you don't have to change them at all. Sometimes you get lucky and find some that match your product perfectly. Other times you must edit them. However, this can be done easily even for those who are not technically gifted.

Usually these mini site templates will come with layered .psd files which can be edited easily in Photoshop, Corel Paint, Gimp or other similar applications.

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Have no fear! You can often find templates that come with the blank .jpg images. JPEG images are the most popular and you can easily add your text to them from just about any text edited software such as Open Office or Microsoft Office. If you can type you can edit them.

Another advantage to purchasing website or mini site templates is that often you can purchase the rights to resell them for a profit. Think how cool it would be to find the perfect templates for your new product sales page or squeeze page and be able to resell the same template to recoup your investment.

Now you can see why website templates are so popular. If you are in the internet marketing niche and are often releasing new products templates will save you thousands of dollars in design fees. Not to mention how much time you save not having to find designers and email them back and forth until they get it right.

In conclusion, anyone building a site should consider purchasing website templates and I highly recommend them. I have been able to cut my time in half once I started using them. Allowing me more time to write these wonderful articles. Now seriously, get ya some website templates now if you want to make more money in your online business.

cooking recipes

cooking recipes.

Looking for some simple camping recipes for your next camping trip?� I've got some great ideas for yummy simple meals that will please your crew.� Planning ahead makes the actual camp cooking a breeze and stress free for the cook.� I like to do as much in my own kitchen before heading out.� Some meals I cook all the way and freeze, others just package items together and others do some of the prep at home to be finished off on site.

Tin Foil is Your Friend

Did you ever make hobo dinners as a kid?� It's� an easy meal you can prep at home or on site.�� This is more of a guideline than a recipe because you can change the meat, vegetables and seasonings to suit your tastes and imagination. Use a double layer of heavy-duty tin foil. Don't skimp on the tin foil!


Thinly sliced potato Sliced carrot Hamburger patty Garlic seasoning Sliced onions Make a packet out of the tinfoil making sure it's sealed well and set in the coals on the fire.� The potatoes will take the longest to cook so judge your time by them.

Tin foil is great to cook a lot of things over a campfire or in coals; fish, corn, sweet potatoes, bananas to name a few.� Think of it as a simple camp oven.

Dog on a stick

Small children will need supervision with this but it's a fun main dish that everyone gets to cook for themselves. Sharp green sticks or hot dog/marshmallow skewers

Biscuit mix, refrigerated or made from mix.� If made from mix keep it fairly thick in texture. Hot dogs or other sausage Skewer the hot dogs.� Roll the biscuit dough into a strip and wrap around the hot dog on the skewer.� Pat in place so it is on really well. Roast over coals, turning so the biscuit dough cooks evenly around the hot dog. Done when the biscuit dough is cooked through.� Serve with mustard and relish for dipping.� No need for buns!

Most camp are meals we make every day but just adapt to outdoor cooking over a fire or cook stove.� Some recipes we never make at home, but keep for just for camping out which makes the trip and the food special.

cooking recipes

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